Work on a platform for collecting and analytics of data in smart home environment

Author: Dr Aleksandar Jevremovic STSM Period: 2018-11-19 – 2018-11-25
ECI: Yes
Hosting institution: Universidade da Beira Interior. Covilha, Portugal

From ITC: Yes



The aim of this short-term scientific mission is to work with prof. Nuno Garcia on modifying a platform for HCI monitoring and analytics (named HCI-MAP, that we developed during the IC1303 action) for use in smart homes. The idea is to identify the potentials of using existing sensors (EEG, eye-tracker, etc.) in the smart home environment, as well as to see if we can connect additional sensors with our platform. Our goal is to be able to collect additional data, that can be further processed by already used or new algorithms. As the platform is already online (, we plan to work on identifying and testing additional sensors with it. If successful, this STSM should provide a base for further research, based on a processing of synchronized data collected from multiple sensors.

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