‘Sheld-on’ Publications

Indoor living space improvement: Smart Habitat for the Elderly

State of the Art Report for Smart Habitat for Older Persons


First Sheld-on conference meeting proceedings book

Second Sheld-on Conference Meeting Proceedings Book

Second Sheld-on conference meeting abstracts book

Position Paper on Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments

Aging at Work: A Review of Recent Trends and Future Directions

Technological Solutions for Older People with Alzheimer´s Disease: Review

Keyed User Datagram Protocol: Concepts and Operation of an Almost Reliable Connectionless Transport Protocol

Telemedicine Robot System for Assisted and Independent Living

Quality of Life, Quality of Experience, and Security Perception in Web of Things: An Overview of Research Opportunities

Quality of Life Framework for Personalised Ageing

Pattern Recognition Techniques for the Identification of Activities of Daily Living Using a Mobile Device Accelerometer

A Research on the Classification and Applicability of the Mobile Health Applications

Identification of Daily Activites and Environments Based on the AdaBoost Method Using Mobile Device Data: A Systematic Review

Activities of Daily Living and Environment Recognition Using Mobile Devices: A Comparative Study

Aging, Living Environment, and Sustainability: What Should be Taken into Account?

Commercial ICT Smart Solutions for the Elderly: State of the Art and Future Challenges in the Smart Furniture Sector

Mobile Applications for the Promotion and Support of Healthy Nutrition and Physical Activity Habits: A Systematic Review, Extraction of Features and Taxonomy Proposal

Consequences of chronic diseases and other limitations associated with old age – a scoping review

Smart Furniture as a Component of a Smart City – Definition based on Key Technologies Specification

Simulation Workflow for Parametric Optimization of Outdoor Comfort-Based Origami Shelter

The spatial comfort and thermal delight of outdoor misting installations in hot and humid extreme environments

Data privacy management in public environments

Mobile Applications for Training Plan Using Android Devices: A Systematic Review and a Taxonomy Proposal

Analysis of the Results of Heel-Rise Test with Sensors: A Systematic Review

Reappraising the Intellectual Debate on Ageing in a Digital Environment

Technology Analysis of Global Smart Furniture Development Using Patent Data

Socialinis-psichologinis biofilinio projektavimo sprendimų priimtinumas darnaus senėjimo kontekste

Power-Management Strategies for Medical Information Transmission in Wireless Body Sensor Networks

Blockchain based Proxy Re-Encryption Scheme for Secure IoT Data Sharing

Reliability Assessment of New and Updated Consumer-Grade Activity and Heart Rate Monitors

Towards Pain-Fingerprinting: A Ubiquitous and Interoperable Clinical Decision Support System for Pain Assessment

Smartphone-based automatic measurement of the results of the Timed-Up and Go test

Avoiding Data Corruption in Drop Computing Mobile Networks

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