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Meetings are organised by the Management Committees in any COST country participating in sheld-on action. They may be open to the whole scientific community and provide visibility opportunities for the sheld-on Action. Sheld-on contributes to the travel and subsistence costs of participating scientists, and to the organisation costs of the meeting.

They can be of different types:

Management Committee (MC) Meetings

The purpose of an Action MC meeting is to coordinate and organise the Action’s scientific and
networking activities in line with the objectives specified in both the Action’s MoU and the approved Work and Budget Plans. Budgetary and strategic decisions linked to the management of a COST Action must adhere to the opinions and requests of the majority of the Action MC. Acquiring agreement within the Action MC with respect to the management and implementation of Action activities qualifies as Action MC approval. MC Meetings are yearly arranged under the frame of sheld-on action.

MC meetings already arranged:
Kick off Meeting of the Sheld-On COST Action, 24th of October 2017 in Brussels (Belgium).

2nd MC Meeting of the sheld-on COST Action, 22nd of February 2018, Alicante (Spain).

3rd MC Meeting of the Sheld-On COST Action, 27th of February 2019, Porto (Portugal)

4th MC meeting of the Shel-On COST Action: 16th of October 2019, Ohrid (North Macedonia).

Forthcoming MC meetings:

5th MC meeting of the Sheld-on COST Action: June 2020 (date TBD), Zagreb (Croatia).


Working Group (WG) Meetings

WG meetings aim at overseeing the progress of the activities performed under each working group and its assessment against the established objectives and goals.

Three WG meetings were carried out for WGs 1, 2 and 3 during periods 1 and 2 of the action (Sept 2017 – April 2019), while there are scheduled five WG meetings for WG4 for periods 3, 4 and 5 (May 2019 – Oct 2021).

WG meetings already arranged:
1st Working Group Meeting, 21st of February 2018, Yecla(Spain)

2nd Working Group Meeting, 11th of October 2018, Riga (Latvia)

3rd Working Group Meeting, 28th of February 2019, Paredes (Portugal)

4th WG meeting: 26th of June 2019 in Bucharest (Romania)


Core Group Meeting

The sheld-on Core Group is composed by the Action´s Chair and Vice-Chair, and leaders and Vice-leaders of the working group, communication management and STSM leaders and Vice leaders. The sheld-on Core Group is normally met during the arrangement of another meeting type (Working group, Management committee, etc.), where some specific decisions are taken.

Core Group meetings already arranged:
1st Core Group Meeting, 20th of February 2018, Alicante (Spain).

2nd Core Group Meeting, 27th of February 2019, Porto (Portugal).

3rd Core Group meeting: 25th of June 2019 at the Politehnica University of Bucharest (Romania).

Short Term Scientific Missions (STSM) are institutional visits aimed at supporting individual mobility, fostering collaboration between individuals. Sheld-on regularly launches calls for potential researchers in any of the sheld-on topic to apply for Short Term Scientific missions.

STSMs must be between 5 and 90 days (although, they may exceed that duration in specific instances for Early Career Investigators). STSMs are financially supported by the Action with a fixed contribution of up to 2500 EUR.

Current STSM call.
Call for STSM 3rd Grant Period


The sheld-on cost Action supported and funded the following STSMs:

STSM links

Training Schools provide intensive training in emerging research topics within the laboratories and
organisations involved in the sheld-on Action. Trainers and Trainees can be supported to attend the different training schools arranged under the frame of sheld-on Action.

Forthcoming training Schools.

-1st Sheld-on Training School: To be arranged at Q6 (Feb 2019-March 2020). Topic and venue to be defined.

Conference grants help PhD students and early-career investigators from participating Inclusiveness Target Countries attend international science and technology related conferences that are not specifically organised by sheld-on.

Yearly organised by the action Management Committees (MC) in any Sheldon Member State joining the network, the Sheldon Conference meetings are open to a wide community and provide opportunities for experts whether being part of the Sheldon Community or not to share their work performed under the frame of the Sheldon topics and the results obtained.

Previous conference meetings.

-1st Sheldon Conference meeting, 10th October 2018, Riga. Download Proceedings Book.

Forthcoming conference meetings.

-2nd Sheldon Conference meeting, 17th October 2019, Ohrid. Download abstracts book and proceedings book.

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