Indoor living space improvement: Smart Habitat for the Elderly

Author: Mr Liviu – Adrian Hirtan STSM Period: 2018-09-09 – 2018-09-15


Hosting institution: National Institute of Telecommunications. Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

From ITC: No



I am a PhD student at the Politehnica University of Bucharest, Faculty of Automatic Control and Computes. During my university experience, I completed my bachelor degree and master degree in computer and information technology domain. Within this period, I obtained an ERASMUS scholarship in Grenoble, France, where I developed a time-frequency signal processing and analysis project and the results were very good. The title of my PhD thesis is Privacy-enhanced methods to protect citizens for crowd sensing applications. So far, I have researched in detail the blockchain technology and the possibilities to apply this technology in other fields than the financial one.

During my PhD, I studied in detail the blockchain technology and its main components. Also, I have proposed two solutions based on blockchain in healthcare and car navigation systems. An important aspect of the integration of blockchain technology in healthcare is that the cost of an IT system that would integrate multiple hospitals, clinics, and medical offices would drop substantially, taking account that Europe’s population is in the process of ageing and the number of employed people financial contributions to health care system is decreasing. Within this scientific mission, I want to expand my PhD studies and develop collaborative relationships in the integration of blockchain technology in healthcare. The outcome of the STSM will be materialized in a scientific report that I will submit, according to the procedure.

The purpose of this mission is to identify the main features of a blockchain-based IT solution within the health care system that provides accessibility, functionality, and privacy. National Institute of Telecommunications is a member of Hyperledger Linux Foundation and actively participates in Hyperledger development, participates in two EU projects related to blockchain development and leads research related to blockchain. Taking into account my PhD research in this field and the concern of professor’s Jordi Mongay Batalla research team, our collaboration involves knowledge exchange, identification of the strengths and weaknesses of our projects, and the development of a common solution that will be easy to use by elderly and would stand up to the requirements of real-world scenarios. We expect to start collaborating on at least one joint publication to disseminate our results and to work together through electronic means.

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