Smart Home components for the elderly

Author: Mr Aliaksei Andrushevich STSM Period: 2018-04-05 – 2018-04-30
Hosting institution: Gdansk University of Technology, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, Gdansk, Poland

From ITC: No


Work plan: Both home and host institutions have interests on different aspects of:

• active ageing •

innovative ICT solution for aged people

• home automation, along with telecare and telehealth services

• mobile and wearable sensors

The main objective will be the mutual exchange of expertise between Swiss and Polish researchers participating in the CA 16226 Prospected Outputs:

a) the STSM contributes to a deliverable described in the MoU of the Action- this visit contributes to a deliverable of WG2: ICT developments – Report on the state of the art Q5

b) the STSM results in a joint journal/conference publication (please indicate the targeted journal/conference) – this visit
aims for joint publication at the 11th International Conference on Human System Interaction HSI 2018 – July 04-06,

c) the STSM results in a joint research proposal – this visit will contribute the new EU AAL JP research project proposal and project Benefits of the STSM: (max. 10 lines) Better mutual understanding of working procedures of academic partners in Switzerland and Poland will lead to new scientific publications, research project proposals, joint field trials, international know-how and technology transfer, etc.