Activity detection in furniture using accelerometer sensors for older adults

Author:  Prof Nuno Garcia STSM Period: 2018-04-09 – 2018-04-23
Hosting institution: Aleksander Jevremovic, Faculty of Informatics and Computing Singidunum University, Belgrade
(Republic of Serbia)

From ITC: Yes


1. Aim & motivation – The goal of this mission is to experiment on the integration of accelerometer sensors, equipped with Bluetooth communication in assisting the identification of activities in homes of older adults. We expect these experiments will allow the development of smart furniture and the collection of data to further research on living habits. In this experiment we will focus on the use scenarios related to kitchen use.

2. This mission is aligned with the goals of COST SheldOn C16226. A scientific paper will be produced to further extend the research previously developed by the grantee and by the hosting laboratory.

3. The equipments used to be integrated into the furniture and/or appliances are Bitalinos devices (recently won a European Commision award). A set of two Bitalino devices will be used to integrate in available furniture and/or appliances. The data collected will be stored and processed in order to further define the next steps of this research.

4. The following steps will be taken to pursue the goals of this mission. A. configuration of the bitalinos (2 days) B. installation and testing of the bitalinos in the furniture (1 day) C. initial data collection in experimental setup (1 day) D. data processing, cleaning, filtering, and feature extraction methods (3 days) E. data processing to infer human activity (3 days)