Development of smart bottle for elderly based on IoT technology

Author: Mr Petar Stepanovic STSM Period: 201-04-07 – 2019-04-30


Hosting institution: Universidade da Beira Interior. Covilhã, Portugal

From ITC: No



1.Research of further directions and identification of convenient technologies, based on previous work at Sheldon Winter course in Tallin University, with the goal of making comprehensive publication connected to this problem.

2. With this research, we will contribute to the general improvement of health and medical intake.

3. On this project we will use Arduino, with several sensors, reading biometric inputs will be done by Bitalino. For software development, Arduino IDE will be used.

4. First, we will take a retrospective look at the current state of the project, developed earlier, to make sure that all the components are projected good and improve them if possible. After this, the plan is to add new hardware components. When all hardware is complete, we will plan software that will support hardware, this part should contain a website and mobile app. After detailed planning of software architecture, we will proceed with development.

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